Mette Kirkegaard & The Dreamers – art video

😍I created this video from a great Aarhus Sunday session – listen to the very coolest guitars and drums on my songs – act: Mette Kirkegaard and the Dreamers – Mads Jørgensen & Søren Pedersen – Playing Musikhuset Aarhus June 8 and Tivoli Gardens July 22 – follow us/like: Nordic Americana Music – Folk Singer Mette Kirkegaard


The Angel Theme in songwriting 

Many many people use angels in their song. At some point here in the Nordic Countries we hit a scale where it went too far.beautyangel

Almost everyone I met would have an angel placed in their song. But it just stopped with the name. I would recommend that these angels would not stop with the description “Angel”. Angels come in many shapes and forms and maybe from various solar systems? T

Add some colors, imagery, what kind of angel is she / he? The devil´s angel? Invent your own kind. The candy store angel guiding you away from too many sweets that make you sick after the fall…. I love angels… I Keep writing about them!