New release March 8 2023 – a Danish version of Hotel Himmelblå

New christmas single Denne jul – udg. 1.12. 22 – julerotation P5

New album Recover Nov. 2022
– in rotation P5 Danish national Radio

Mette Kirkegaard´s latest album – Nordic Sound – find nature tracks

12 tracks

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Se digitale tjenester, der har Simple Matters:

I’ve released three albums, two EP´s and five singles since 2006.

I feel deeply connected to the last and most mature album Simple Matters. But I also feel grateful for my first album Heart Against Rock and the single In a Cafe that go together. It was a first entrance to the international UK scene.

Trådløse Drømme / Wireless Dreams is my first Danish album – a jazzy folky cd – and was an introduction to listeners of local radios allover Denmark, a song Stjernen /The Star was also played in P1. 

Dry Wood – came out as a popfriendly release, and it was my entrance to a longer playlist in Denmark´s P4 radio feat. both Dry Wood and Free, and as well awakened interest from Swedish P3 and Felicia programme.

Then later came Det rette sted, a Danish EP, and it was an entrance to Tønder Festival playing on a show with Danish songwriter Niels Hausgaard. 

Then I was spiritually interested during the next years, and then came out the well reviewed album Simple Matters – having cowritten with legendary Kostas Lazarides from Montana and J. Wagner from Texas.

This whole music journey has now moved me into a new direction of using music and sound as a healing factor. I play from time to time at hospices.

And now after longer trips to Iceland and the Faroe islands and nordic nature places, I have sampled nature sounds and will soon be releasing an album for better sleep.

Now what will follow then? Looking in the cards… Since I am now using my own equipment to recording the latest singles, two singles so far, Det du er and Vidunderskyer. I am experimenting… out for new stuff!

Latest single:


Album: Simple Matters


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Se digitale tjenester, der har Simple Matters:

Find the Nordic Americana playlist on Spotify with Mette´s songs


New single May 3rd 2018


New single feat. Love is to Blame and Heaven Read more  

Find the songs on itunes, spotify, and in other online stores

2400x2400New single April 15th 2016

Rette sted cover4EP

Dry Wood cover 3

Trådløse Drømme

Heart cover1 

2007 Album

– released by Gateway Music

Single In a Cafe

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