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Mette Kirkegaard sings Nordic Americana music

Mette sings nordic americana bluesy folk songs for runaway hearts and dreamers and has received great response for her latest album Simple Matters  recorded in Austin, Texas, feat, some of the best cowriters in her genre, legendary Kostas Lazarides form Montana, and the great songwriting talent and teacher, Austin based songwriter J. Wagner (Gregory Alan Isakov‘s songwriting partner).

– Copenhagen based singer and songwriter Mette Kirkegaard has always experimented with original songs in a Nordic setup meeting bluesy americana notes from musicians, and she enjoys to open up to unexpected elements of solo space for her musicians – counting now Søren Pedersen on drums (a well reviewed Danish jazz drummer), and Mads Jørgensen, a multi instrumentalist and guitarist, bass, pedal steel, within jazz/folk/blues. She has also played with Enzo Rocchi, Italian bass player. There is a Scandinavian touch in her remarkable siren voice, (Nottingham Ev. Post) she is also a recording artist and a travelling troubadour, “like a Nordic Joni Mitchell”, (Music Mag Musikeren) she sings catchy songs like the well reviewed Dry Wood on the radio (****starts in Gaffa mag), also Danish heartfelt songs on live stages like Love is to Blame and Im still Alive (Four hearts in Danish Politiken newspaper). Mette grew up surrounded by Anglo-American 60-70 ´s folk and jazzy music and was from an early age affected by a mother who was an English teacher always favoring the Brittish and American singer-songwriters and jazz musicians.

Mette has lived in England some time, and was positive influenced by the songwriter venues. She has also had studies in New York and recently recorded sounds in Eastern Iceland. Besides her travelling out of Denmark, Mette is strongly attached as well to using the Danish language in her songs, and as well being daughter of a Northern Denmark father who always played the Classic Danish singer-songwriters and of course the greatest jazz musicians, Mette is still looking into the Nordic history to get inspiration for her music.

Mette´s great grandmother Nicoline Kirkegaard from Jutland was one of the first female writers in Denmark. Her voice was said to be remarkable when she spoke. Mette always accompanies her songs with spoken words accustomed to the specific audience, if Danes, then in Danish, and when she travels she speaks a very good English and her smitting light humour comes across.

Mette holds a master´s degree in Speech (Rhetoric)and art management, and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Musicology from Copenhagen University. She has studied an elective author leadership module at the The Danish National School of Performing Arts

Mette Tønder festival


Det du er (2019) – single – Østerbroprojekter
Vidunderskyer (2019) – single – Østerbroprojekter

Simple Matters – (oct. 2018) – album recorded in Austin, Texas

Im Still Alive – (2018) – single
Love is to Blame  – (2017) single and video
If You Want My Love (2016) single
DET DU ikke SIGER – novel 2014 (web) 2015 (print)
Det rette sted (2013) Ep – 2013 – London
Superhelt (2012) Single
Dry Wood (2011) Ep – Berlin
Trådløse drømme (2009) Album
Heart Against Rock (2007) Album
In a Cafe (2006) Single
In Your Eyes (2002) demo
London Underground Cure (2000) demo
2006-2012 – se evt. PRESSE

Info video – about ep in Berlin (2011)
Dont Make Me Choose (2010)
Da vi var elskere (2009) on chartbase hitlist

Cooperations on recordings/songwriting:

Mette has worked with a variety of very skilled producers.

  • Kostas Lazarides (The Mavericks, Patsy Cline, Martina mcbride, Emmylou etc..)
  • J Wagner, Tx
  • With producer Ken Rose, Livingston Studios London around the EP ”The Right Place”, in Danish “Det rette sted”.
  • Brio Taliaferro, (Moby, Dico, Sugarbabes) producer, Berlin (Dry Wood EP)
  • Dave Hennessy, Irish producer, (Trådløse Drømme album) featuring Tao Højgaard, jazzguitarist
  • Dave Hennessy (U2), Henrik Hylle (Heart Against Rock album)
  • Lars Krarup (In a Cafe – single)
  • Cowrites:
  • Brio, DE Dry Wood
  • Ken Rose, US EP Det rette sted
  • Eddie Ottestad, US “Driving” (unreleased)
  • Ville Pusa, FI ”Stjernen/The star”
  • Niklas Rosström, FI ”Jeg ville bare”
  • Ian Smith, IR “I Needed You”

Tønder Festival playing with Niels Hausgaard, Allan Olsen, Huxi.



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