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Mette Kirkegaard, Nordic Americana songs for runaway hearts – folkpop music, Scandinavian touch in a remarkable voice, a recording artist, travelling troubadour, catchy pop song Dry Wood on the radio, also Danish heartfelt songs on live stages. Mette grew up surrounded by Anglo-American 60-70 ´s folk music. Mette´s great grandmother Nicoline Kirkegaard from Jutland was one of the first female writers in Denmark. Her voice was said to be remarkable when she spoke.

Mette has a BA in Speech and a BA in Philosophy and Musicology from Copenhagen University. Read below.

Mette Tønder festival


Dry Wood – wins The Akademia Best folk Ep 2016
If You Want My Love -single 2016
DET DU ikke SIGER – novel 2014 (web) 2015 (print)
Det rette sted (2013) Ep – 2013
Superhelt (2012) Single
Dry Wood (2011) Ep
Trådløse drømme (2009) Album
Heart Against Rock (2007) Album
In a Cafe (2006) Single
In Your Eyes (2002) demo
London Underground Cure (2000) demo
2006-2012 – se evt. PRESSE

Info video – about ep in Berlin (2011)
Dont Make Me Choose (2010)
Da vi var elskere (2009) on chartbase hitlist

Cooperations on recordings/songwriting:

Mette has worked with a variety of very skilled producers.

Recently with producer Ken Rose, London around the EP ”The Right Place”, in Danish “Det rette sted”.

  • Brio Taliaferro, (Moby, Dico, Sugarbabes) producer, Berlin (Dry Wood EP)
  • Dave Hennessy, producer, (Trådløse Drømme album) featuring Tao Højgaard, jazzguitarist
  • Dave Hennessy (U2), Henrik Hylle (Heart Against Rock album)
  • Lars Krarup (In a Cafe – single)
  • Cowrites:
  • Brio, DE Dry Wood
  • Ken Rose, US EP Det rette sted
  • Eddie Ottestad, US “Driving” (unreleased)
  • Ville Pusa, FI ”Stjernen/The star”
  • Niklas Rosström, FI ”Jeg ville bare”
  • Ian Smith, IR “I Needed You”

Tønder Festival playing with Niels Hausgaard, Allan Olsen, Huxi.



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