Crystal clear and simple from Austin

Simple Matters. Trubadur Records.

♥♥♥♥review of Simple Matters by Kim Skotte in Danish paper Politiken:

Anyone who is into Nordic Americana should be in Austin, Texas now, which is where the Danish singer-songwriter Mette Kirkegaard has recorded ‘ Simple Matters ‘. While there she fine tuned  and refined her songs with the songwriter Kostas Lazarides in Montana. Since her debut album in 2007 Kirkegaard has honed her craft. Vocally she shines on ‘ Simple Matters ‘. Clarity and simplicity are the keywords on this album and Joan Baez would have surely approved of ” Simple matters ” . The songwriting is heartfelt but stays simple and clean without looosing itself in to many twists and turns. Where the tracks show greater depth and feeling her voice holds them high and clear ensuring the depth does not overshadow the enjoyment. (Translation by Andy Chappel).

”A fine collection of good songs,” Alex Nyborg Madsen, P4

“Sensuously beautiful, quiet ballads” Gaffa by Ivan Rod ****

“… Simple Matters stands as her best and most stylish to date…”songs.. with a different deep textual and compositional heaviness”. ….”It is thus clear that Kirkegaard, both as a songwriter and performing singer has matured and has strengthened her focus. “… Best on Simple Matters serves simple, almost minimalist numbers as Foreign Pines and I’m Alive. “” … both are sensuously beautiful, quiet ballads….”


Rootszone – mention in Danish roots magazine


“A very interesting singer-songwriter”, Folk på Fem éren, P5

“This songwriter masters the very simple expression”, Gaffa about Det rette sted (new Danish ep) 

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Gateway Music: itunes

Like a Nordic Joni Mitchell, Danish Musicians Union Mag, Musikeren

“Her voice is beautiful and penetrating”, Gaffa review of concert feat. Mette Kirkegaard guesting Niels Hausgaard-show, 2012
…Kirkegaard performed solo… Kirkegaard´s best number is Dry Wood, had she been an American – this song would probably have opened the world´s venues for her, Gaffa 2012

Mette Kirkegaard is one of the most impressive vocal performers that I have heard on the folk music scene in years. Her music is refreshing, convincing, varied and heartfelt; and her delivery and musical approach to the lyric is always intriguing.
The finesse and attention to musical detail that she continually applies to her own original work leaves the listener feeling as though she is one of the top-shelf master vocal interpreters sensitively delivering some of the most cherished standard repertoire.

Dr. Karlton E. Hester, composer

Dry Wood cover 3

Gaffa, ****four stars – by Ivan Rod:
Beautiful nordic-americana-ep of Danish singer-songwriter who has the potential for much more…spectacularly beautiful

Dry Wood is so far only released digitally, but the Berlin-based producer Brio Taliaferro – who also has worked with names such as Moby and Robbie Williams – has managed to give the material an organic and highly functional international touch.

In songs like Train and Dry Wood one hears the mature singer Mette in a spectacularly beautiful, well produced sound characterized by acoustic sound, a catchy beat and some well delivered, melodious and varied songs. Danish review

Read review in Danish

Watch video about the ep: Click

Trådløse Drømme

Wireless Dreams /Trådløse Drømme album: “Like a Nordic Joni Mitchell…” Musikeren “Ten amazing songs….” ****

evaluation: ****Jes! Buy! Read Danish review


Mette Kirkegaard´s album Wireless Dreams “Trådløse Drømme” is full of longing and waystation conditions. Beautofully the musicians support her voice. Beautiful songs about distance and longing.

Jyske Vestkysten

A lot of atmosphere and vibe in Wireless Dream, »Trådløse Drømme«. They will do well in intimate concerts around the country among candlelights and cozy tables….

Den alsidige irske musiker Dave Hennessy bidrager selv til den flotte lyd, men rent instrumentalt er det først og fremmest Tao Højgård, som præger lydbilledet med sit frodigt fabulerende og farverige spil….Stilistisk bevæger Mette Kirkegaard sig mellem viser, pop og folk, og det slipper hun sådan set godt fra i kraft af sin smukke stemme…

Heart Against Rock
Heart Against Rock: ****four stars of five….
“Everything about Heart Against Rock is lovely, from Mette´s voice to the arrangements,and consequently very hard to critisise”…Nottingham Evening Post Read review below (paperarticle)
review Nottingham Even-lille.

Heart Against Rock, Gaffa

Gaffa: “Mette Kirkegaard’s début as a singer-songwriter is certainly impressive…Mette Kirkegaard’s vocals are remarkable … compellingly beautiful …She possesses elements of that hit-creating instinct. Promising…A well-produced album…Her début is promising for the future””Kultunaut: “The voice is fine, and the music pleasant and uncomplicated” Read the Danish review



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