Greetings from Chelsea – “From a Distance”

“From a distance we are instruments
Marching in a common band
Playing songs of home, playing songs of peace
They’re the songs of every man”
 – Julie Gold “From a Distance”

Glad Im on the inside – on a rainy day in Chelsea.

The other day I met the talented songwriter of the hit song “From a Distance” at Cornelia St Cafe in Greenwich Village. Julie Gold. She told me how her song had been rejected by an agent who called for someone to write hits at a pace like Joni Mitchell.

Fortunately, she had an attentive songwriter colleague, Christine Lavin, who loved the song and wrote out to her entire network, and shortly after Julie was called up by Nancy Griffith who with a smoky sexy voice said, “I like your song”.

And the rest is history … Since then, both Nancy Griffith and Bette Midler and others have recorded “From a Distance”. Actually an obvious song to consider in these historical times with its message that we are all – from a distance – the same. Also the very thought of helping each other.
A greeting from the Chelsea neighborhood in New York. Next week I will give two concerts uptown Manhattan …

Tues 2 May 7 pm – Shrine, New York, NYC

Wed 3 May 8 pm – Silvana, New York, NYC

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And here´s a new
Livevideo from Musikhuset Aarhus: 

Thank you very much for hearing our concert at the Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark. We will see you again!

Trio: Mette Kirkegaard, Vokal, Guitar – Mads Jørgensen, guitarist, steelstring, dobro, synth, bass – Uffe Birk, Percussion
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Update on music – preview

We just recorded a video featuring one of the new songs recorded in Austin, Texas. Here´s a preview of the basic track. There´s more to come soon.

Happy New Year / Godt nytår og alt godt for 2017

(English below):
Godt nytår til jer alle. Farvel til 2016, du har været et udfordrende år ud over al forventning. Vi har mistet store stjerner som David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, George Michael og Prince – store personligheder med noget på hjerte. Vi har også oplevet stor sorg – terror i flere europæiske lande og en frygt for den politiske agenda fremover. Og jeg ved også, at mange privat har oplevet mange ting fra sygdom til hjertesorg til opbrud. Der følger en indre sorg med til livet, og den må vi acceptere er en påmindelse. For kun i et mørke skærper vi vores evner til at få øje på det lyse og virkelig gode værdifulde for os selv som for den planet, vi er på.
Og derfor er det alligevel dejligt for mig at tænke på det nye år. For mig er der ny musik med nye koncerter på vej: Musikhuset Aarhus, Skrivehus på Fanø, optrædener i New York og meget mere. Men sikkert også meget, jeg endnu ikke kender til af smukke muligheder.
På falderebet til det nye år, så er der mindst en vigtig ting, jeg vil tage med videre i det nye år: Jeg husker kun det gode, en sang, som kommer her i engelsk oversættelse. Og det kan vi tage med os. Lad os tage det gode med ind i 2017 og skabe mere af den slags. For de gode følelser skaber de stærkeste intentioner.

Happy new year to all of you. Goodbye to 2016, you have been a challenging year beyond all expectations. We have lost major stars such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, George Michael and Prince – big personalities with something at heart. We have also experienced great sadness – terror in several European countries and a fear of the political agenda in the future. And I also know, on the private level, that many have experienced many things from illness to heartaches to sudden shifts.
An inner sadness is a follower of life and we have to accept it as a reminder. For the darkness sharpens our ability to discern the light and really value the good things for ourselves as for the planet, we are on.
And therefore it is still nice for me to think about the new year. New music is coming up, with new concerts on the road: Musikhuset Aarhus, playing in New York, writing house at the small island Fanø, and much more. And probably many still unknown beautiful opportunities to come.
Just before we are entering the new year, there is at least one important thing, I would like to bring with me into the new year: “I Remember only the Good”, a song that comes here in a new folky English translation. And this is something we can take with us. Wishing you all a happy new year despite the dark moments you may have had throughout this year, lets focus on the good and bring our good intentions into the new 2017. For the good feelings create the strongest intentions.

Happy new year

Love and light


Mette Kirkegaard Concert 26th Nov. Copenhagen

News: Copenhagen Østerbro: Concert solo at the new place, Kompasset Bar, Østerbrogade 103, Østerbro. kl. 20.30 Saturday 26th November, 2016 – smoking free bar with special beers!

Nice little announcement in the local newspaper Østerbro, Copenhagen. Saying Mette will play new songs on Saturday, And that she has among other things recorded with J Wagner in Texas:-) Come and hear the Copenhagen based singer in this acoustic setup.

New recordings Mette Kirkegaard in Texas & cowriting with Kostas

Copenhagen based singer-songwriter Mette Kirkegaard just got back from the States where she has cowritten new songs with Montana based songwriter Kostas, and recorded new songs in Austin, Texas. The songs are planned to be featured on an album in the nearest future.


“Its the second time I visit Austin and its been a pleasure to go back,” says Mette. She used The House of Songs as a base for part of her time in Austin, TX, and went to the countryside to record at Signal Hills recording studio. She had a great cooperation with a local producer, and looking forward to the results and more information coming up soon.

As well, she finished a song with Austin based songwriter Johann Wagner betitled “Foreign Pines” – the song has also been recorded.



In April Mette returns to New York – further info later  Calendar

Short video clip from Italy: Mette Kirkegaard and Enzo Rocchi live

Found this little video clip from a concert in Italy in June in the cozy village Olevano Romano, 60 kilometres outside Rome, at Da Sergio´s Pizzaria Restaurant: Mette Kirkegaard feat. bass player Enzo Rocchi