Fire hjerter ❤️❤️❤️❤️i Politiken: “Krystalklart og enkelt fra Austin” – ‘Simple Matters’ – anmeldelse – review


“Krystalklart og enkelt fra Austin”.
Det er en positiv Politiken-overraskelse at blive anmeldt på bagsiden af fredagens Kultursektion 2. nov. 2018. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Fire flotte hjerter af seks får mit album ‘Simple Matters’ af Kim Skotte. Jeg er beæret og glad. Tak til alle, der har bakket mig op på vejen.

“Crystalclear and simple from Austin” -Four fine Hearts in the Danish Politiken paper ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I feel honoured and blessed as it is difficult to be even mentioned here – and thanks to all who helped me – and thanks to Kostas and Johann Wagner and producer Patrick Herzfeld


Crystal clear and simple from Austin:

Simple Matters. Trubadur Records.♥♥♥♥review by Kim Skotte

Anyone who is into Nordic Americana should be in Austin, Texas now, which is where the Danish singer-songwriter Mette Kirkegaard has recorded ‘ Simple Matters ‘. While there she fine tuned  and refined her songs with the songwriter Kostas Lazarides in Montana. Since her debut album in 2007 Kirkegaard has honed her craft. Vocally she shines on ‘ Simple Matters ‘. Clarity and simplicity are the keywords on this album and Joan Baez would have surely approved of ” Simple matters ” . The songwriting is heartfelt but stays simple and clean without looosing itself in to many twists and turns. Where the tracks show greater depth and feeling her voice holds them high and clear ensuring the depth does not overshadow the enjoyment.

Albummet fysisk:

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