Interview – NPR app: Listen to Musician’s Spotlight with Mette Kirkegaard

Nyhed: USA’s svar på noget lig DR har nu et interview med Mette Kirkegaard a en times varighed liggende på deres NPR One App🙏. NPR, som betyder National Public Radio på amerikansk – npr samarbejder NPR 1000 forskellige offentlige radiostationer i USA’s mange stater samt med BBC.
Det betyder meget for sangskriveren og sangerinden, at mange flere nu får mulighed for at lytte med til Nordic Americana Music og høre om Mette Kirkegaards samarbejde med amerikanske Nashville awardet sangskriver Kostas Lazarides fra Montana.

Great news: Using NPR One app? 🎼👉I feel honoured that you can now listen to the 1 hour mtpr Music radio interview by host John Floridis with me by searching for “Musician’s Spotlight” or “Mette Kirkegaard” on the American National Public Radio – NPR – find the free NPR One app for iOS or Android, Apple or Spotify.

NPR serves as a national syndicator to a network of over 1,000 public radio stations in the United States.

Using NPR One app? 🎼👉IOS or Android app – NPR One app

NPR has 1000 Member stations and connects with BBC – find the Mette Kirkegaard interview
Mette Kirkegaard is featured in “Musician’s Spotlight” by host John Floridis.

Memories – on Montana Public Radio

Memory Mile – a song that reminds us of what we have lost was played last night on Montana Public radio.

You’re like a memory Mile to me, coming back to me, I am singing these words on my song Memory Mile co-written with legendary songwriter Kostas Lazarides from Montana, who recently was named in the Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame.

It was a pleasure last night hearing two of my songs from my Austin-Montana-album on Montana Public Radio. Memory Mile and Heaven. I will later be featured in the upcoming musician´s spotlight in John Floridis´Montana Folk radio program. I will talk about my songwriting with Kostas Lazarides from Montana. I went to visit him in Montana, and originally met him in The House of Songs, Austin, Texas.

John Floridis, radio host of the Montana Folk music program on played two of my songs, Heaven, and Memory Mile. 

Memory Mile was the second song co-written with Kostas. The first song was called “Simple Matters”, later as well the album title.

It is a song that reminds us of what we´ve lost. 

Memory Mile is the picture of the family member you´ve lost, and no longer being there. It is the memory of generosity, longing for a new situation, of getting one’s life back. 

You can hear the tune ”Memory Mile” on my album ”Simple Matters”. It was recorded in Austin, Texas in producer Patrick Herzfeld´s studio, the album features my songs and songs co-written in Austin and Montana with J. Wagner and Kostas Lazarides from Montana, also named in the Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame. 

Memory Mile as played on Montana Public Radio – song by Mette Kirkegaard and Kostas – interview May 4 2-4 PM on