• New Single: If You Want My Love – 15. April 2016
  • DET DU ikke SIGER – novel 2014 – printed 2015 Arnold Busck bookstore
  • Det rette sted (2013) Ep – 2013
  • Superhelt (2012) Single 
  • Dry Wood (2011 Europe release) Ep – Best February Folk Award 2016 – The Academia Awards, LA, US
  • Trådløse drømme (2009) Album
  • Heart Against Rock (2007) Album
  • In a Cafe (2006) Single 
  • In Your Eyes (2002) demo 
  • London Underground Cure (2000) demo 
 2006-2012  – se evt. PRESSE
Videoer til albumsange:
  • Info video om ep i Berlin (2011)
  • Dont Make Me Choose (2010) 
  • Da vi var elskere (2009) på chartbases hitliste

Cooperations on recordings/songwriting:

Mette has worked with a variety of very skilled producers.

Recently with producer Ken Rose, London around the EP  ”The Right Place”, in Danish “Det rette sted”.

Brio Taliaferro, (Moby, Dico, Sugarbabes) producer, Berlin (Dry Wood EP)

Dave Hennessy, producer, (Trådløse Drømme album) featuring Tao Højgaard, jazzguitarist

Dave Hennessy (U2), Henrik Hylle (Heart Against Rock album)

Lars Krarup (In a Cafe – single)



Kostas, US  (Patty Loveless, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood etc.)

Ali Holder, US

Daniel Phipps, US

J. Wagner, US

Brio, DE Dry Wood EP

Ken Rose, US, EP Det rette sted

Eddie Ottestad, US   “Driving” (unreleased)

Ville Pusa, FI  ”Stjernen/The star”

Niklas Rosström, FI  ”Jeg ville bare”

Ian Smith, IR “I Needed You”

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