Musicians Should also Look at these 4 Habits to Highly Effective Leadership

Michael Touchton, writes about leadership with empathy at Medium. 

I found his four habits of highly effective leaders very interesting – as well for musicians who at some point in their career need to set up a team of helping souls. 

Highly Effective Leaders: 

  1. They build a Challenge Network 
  • People who can show them how to change.
  1. They Expect Resistance From those They Lead – Expect it. Leadership is proactive response, and defensive reaction robs us of our leadership.
  2. They check out and take walks – dont overthink. Leadership is often about learning to manage your own internal emotions in the midst of an environment that can often feel chaotic and anxious.
  3. They Jump First – yes you heard it – if you want to cut payrolls – begin with your own – if your want their trust, you need to be the first one to jump in the water….

    Michael Touchton writes in Medium that:
    “Becoming a good leader is much more difficult than reading a bunch of books. Because becoming a good leader is about going through the sometimes painful experience of personal growth.”…

    How do you handle your leadership?

Read the full article:


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