Songs that gather people – my music and dance inspiration in Asia

Songs that gather people – dance that makes you feel happy


Ubud Dancers, Bali, Indonesia

Ive just been to various islands in Thailand, Malysia, and Indonesia to gain inspiration in nature to new songs but also to get a fresh perspective on my music and performances. I took the chances I got to seek inspiration from playing with live musicians at various places I crossed.

I am a Copenhagen based songwriter and singer, recording artist with three albums released and a handful ep´s and singles. I have always gained inspiration from meeting with musicians while travelling, such as now in Asia. I would consider myself a travelling troubadour or a nomad with roots in Denmark.

In my previous blog I write in Danish about my first meeting with a jazzbar in Bangkok called the Bluebird cafe. After I played in this nice jazz club in Bangkok, I went to Surat Thani down South and met local musicans, a vocal coach and bands. I saw the pleasure in singing covers to meet locals around cover songs, that also challenged me try out my voice in new ways. Lady Gaga´s songs “Shallow” is not the easiest to sing but its a good song to know if you want to connect with a new audience.

Koh Samui – yoga and music

I sailed later to the island Koh Samui, stayed in Fisherman´s village, at the beautiful place Dreamcatchers by Angelina in Bohput – which is connected to a yoga place, the yogarden. Here I went to a yoga class and met people. I also sang at a French restaurant, Karma sutra bar and kitchen, where they have live musicans. I was singing a couple of covers, when a man came up and said, sing “Shallow” with me. I wasnt planning to but he pushed me, and in new surroundings its easier to move out of our comfort zone. So I sang Shallow with him – spontaneously.

Ko Tao singing with Tao from Bangkok

After playing with the unknown mand in Karma Sutra bar, I home studied the song some more, and ended up suggesting “Shallow” to a band I met in Koh Tao, another island close by Koh Samui. In a small cozy bar, we had  duet going. I think that Tao, the name of the vocalist, singing her, who is originally from Bangkok, he has a very rusty voice with personal depth, and we sang “Shallow” together.


Kuala Lumpur – lots of dance and inspiration at Sunshinebedzs Hostel

Now I went to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia later and had the chance to sing some other covers with other talented musicians in the central area of town. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was a very great place to follow the modern vibes. And I found myself very happy dancing my free steps on the dance floor in a bar called“Temptations Bar and Kitchen”.

Thanks to the hostel Sunshinebedz hostel in Kuala Lumpur that took us there. They take all new people on a pub crawl. This hostel has so many interesting people living and crossing the place that it is worth staying here. I met digital nomads, business people, backpackers. I met a couple biking through Vietnam, going in a trip with them to the Batu Caves, other people drove me to Genting Highlands, a beautiful nature area outside Kuala Lumpur, and I could go on. On The roof top I have performed for a crowd at midnight, all is good inspiration. The staff is so helpful and attentive that the older interior decor means less. They have a whole free bookshelf full of travel books, you can read on the first floor in your quiet moments, free coffee etc and sound proof windows.  And they make every one no matter age feel  welcome.

I have been able to jump around and sing at the same time in Kuala Lumpur. I really would like to involve more dancing in my own performances, however it can only take place if I leave the guitar – fx with my new tenor ukuele, I can dance some and engage the audience. I do acknowledge I have a need to try new things with my style.

Kuala Lumpur is definitely my city at the moment.

Later travelling to Bali, Indonesia, I met a band at the Puri garden hostel and hotel, a lead singer named Aboe, and we tried Shallow again.


Aboe also was so kind to take me on the back of his scooter a 2 km´s drive – with his guitar in front of him – and showed me two other music places in Ubud Town, the cultural capital of Bali.

I sang Hotel California in the next bar with a reggae band, and later we ended up seeing a great Latin singer in a place called CP Lounge in Ubud.

Aboe and his brother have a recording studio in Ubud that I plan to see when I come back to Indonesia.

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