Angie – a true vinyl love song

In the late summer months of 2015 I found a beautiful inspiration for this song and grabbed the pen. Recorded demo song “Angie” this Winter at home.

The song is inspired by a long conversation with a literature and music friend who played various genres for me for hours, among them Joni Mitchell. I noticed how Joni was talking-singing on some of her songs, and I sort of woke up. It made a huge impact on me, and I wanted to add this daily life-vibe talking-singing to my poetry.

I was undergoing some changes in my life, and hearing the sounds that night, I fell into the music and found my true home and inner space again. I knew that this is my life – music, art, poetry.

Later a woman came and told me she had paid the money she owed her exboyfriend, and this sort of set the starting scene for the imagery of the song tapestry, Angie. I wrote the draft in one piece.

She discusses with herself how to want someone that you feel you never really have. Angie explains how “you just give some love” to someone that you want more than for a romance. However also its a manifestation of the standpoint she takes that love comes in all shapes and ways of giving, and being open to love is love.

Right now I have taken the song a step further from the below arrangement by rehearsing it with cello player Susanne Solnoki, and it really adds more to the mellow vibe.

A true song for runaway hearts and dreamers…



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