Ny sang: “Samler”

Se og lyt til to videoer om Mettes sang Samler, skrevet på Fanø. Listen to two videos with Mette´s Danish song “Samler” inspired by the Western sea “Vadehavet”, and Fanoe island. English explanation below videos.

Above: Mette Kirkegaard, livesession.

SAMLER-translation English – please note that this is just a translation draft!

The song is about a woman who is gathering waves and also gathers small pieces of amber. “I met a local woman and she was not interested in what she considered as touristamber, “says Mette, “instead she was talking about huge pieces of amber that only locals know how to find. At the same time the tide changes the sea in the area – and I got the inspiration for a woman standing and waiting to find the big pieces, as a metaphor of love, while the tide is changing – like into a hurricane.

Tak/Thanks: til Musikkens Hus, DMF, Danish Musicians Union.

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