Jeg er så glad for den opmærksomhed, mit album Simple Matters har fået efter sin release. Til sommer kan du opleve vores trio spille live bl.a. i Tivoli i København den 22. juli kl. 19. Og i Musikhuset i Aarhus 8. juni kl. 13. Mette Kirkegaard – originale sange (vokal, guitarer, piano) Mads Jørgensen (guitarer, dobro, elbas m.fl.) og Søren Pedersen (perc. m.fl.) Come to Copenhagen, 22 July, and listen to the sound of Nordic Americana music – in our beautiful amusement park Tivoli.

(English translation below Danish review:)

“Krystalklart og enkelt fra Austin”.
Det er en positiv Politiken-overraskelse at blive anmeldt på bagsiden af fredagens Kultursektion 2. nov. 2018. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Fire flotte hjerter af seks får mit album ‘Simple Matters’ af Kim Skotte. Jeg er beæret og glad. Tak til alle, der har bakket mig op på vejen.


“Crystalclear and simple from Austin” -Four fine Hearts in the Danish Politiken paper ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I feel honoured and blessed as it is difficult to be even mentioned here – and thanks to all who helped me – and thanks to Kostas and Johann Wagner and producer Patrick Herzfeld


Crystal clear and simple from Austin:

Simple Matters. Trubadur Records.♥♥♥♥review by Kim Skotte

Anyone who is into Nordic Americana should be in Austin, Texas now, which is where the Danish singer-songwriter Mette Kirkegaard has recorded ‘ Simple Matters ‘. While there she fine tuned  and refined her songs with the songwriter Kostas Lazarides in Montana. Since her debut album in 2007 Kirkegaard has honed her craft. Vocally she shines on ‘ Simple Matters ‘. Clarity and simplicity are the keywords on this album and Joan Baez would have surely approved of ” Simple matters ” . The songwriting is heartfelt but stays simple and clean without looosing itself in to many twists and turns. Where the tracks show greater depth and feeling her voice holds them high and clear ensuring the depth does not overshadow the enjoyment.

Albummet fysisk:

Lyt med:



Kære alle
Mit kommende album “Simple Matters” kommer i handlen i sensommeren sept./okt.
Inden da er en single fra albummet lige på trapperne – 3. maj. Glæd jer! Vi høres ved.

Knus fra Mette

mestspilletp5.pngDear all
My upcoming album “Simple Matters” will be in the stores in the late summer Sept/Oct.
Meanwhile a new single from the album is out soon – May 3rd.

Ciao from Mette

2018:  New album: Simple Matters (2018) – to be released Sept/Oct – and Im Alive: new single May 3rd 2018

Love is to Blame – spillet i 24Syvs Nattevagten 16. januar!

“Det er på engelsk, og det er pisseflot” – Vært Keith Thomas Lohse om “Love is To Blame”.

2017: Optræden 22. oktober – Raahuset
24. november Taknemmelig for livet-optræden i Tikøb Kirke

12. september: Heaven, den mest spillede sang på P5

Lyt til ny single på Spotify

Heaven i rotation på P5 – præsenteret den 21. august kl. 16.32 presented in P5 Paletten News Single release: Love is to Blame August 16TH – digital release / Gateway Music

– two songs: Heaven and Love is to Blame

Heaven, Musikhuset Aarhus: Book trio 61701864 – stemningsfuld musik med god publikumsrespons, cafe-barer, houseconcerts, koncerthuse, forsamlingssteder – booking, ring 61701864

– book vores trio kontakt: 61701864
Kirkekoncert – Liv & sjæl-tema – læs mere, eller få materiale tilsendt tekst /ring mob. 61701864.

The Music video “Love is to Blame” climbing up to no 12  – ten weeks on chart base

IMG_1586Silvana New York – 50 minutes show  . Solo – live transmission: Mette live show in New York

Only The Good – originally written in Danish.

Musikhuset Aarhus – feat. Mette Kirkegaard “Im Still Alive” and Mads Jørgensen (strings/guitar).



2017 calendar: New York April

Live streaming:

Mette´s gig will be livestreamed

and Wed 3 at 8 pm
New York time

Tues 2 May 7 pm – Shrine, New York, NYC

Wed 3 May 8 pm – Silvana, New York, NYC

Fri 14 April 13.00 – Musikhuset, Aarhus, DK – Trio  Læs mere /Read More

Mette Kirkegaard med egne kompositioner, smukke ballader med nordisk americana-lyd! Trio: Mette Kirkegaard, Vokal, Guitar – Mads Jørgensen, guitarist, steelstring, dobro, synth, bass – Uffe Birk, Percussion



New video “Love is to Blame”:

Mette Kirkegaard´s official video “Love is to Blame”:

Song by Mette Kirkegaard c. Thanks to Kostas.
Music produced by Patrick Herzfeld, Texas
Video produced by Jan Klausen, Copenhagen
Models Madame Belair & T Rigger

The video is also online on Mette´s YouTube page: mettemusic
– view full credits
Share the video with Hashtags
#mettemusic #silvanaharlem #shrineharlem #musikhusetaarhus #newsong #nordicamericana #Loveistoblame

Feb 6th 2017 – Update on music – preview 


Dec 31st 2016 Happy new year! Here´s Mette´s intentions of 2017 – read and listen to the song Only the Good:


Photo: Backstage Kompasse Bar, before the gig

November 2016
Copenhagen based singer-songwriter Mette Kirkegaard just got back from the States where she has cowritten new songs with Montana based songwriter Kostas, and recorded new songs in Austin, Texas. The songs are planned to be featured on an album in the nearest future.

Home again the first new concert awaits in Copenhagen Nov 26th at Kompasset Bar, Østerbrogade 103, a new place in Copenhagen. In April Mette returns to play in Musikhuset Aarhus, as well as a tour to New York is coming up Calendar


“Its the second time I visit Austin and its been a pleasure to go back,” says Mette. She used The House of Songs as a base for her time in Austin, TX, and went to the countryside to record at Signal Hills recording studio. She had a great cooperation with a local producer, and looking forward to the results and more information coming up soon.

As well, she finished a song with Austin based songwriter Johann Wagner betitled “Foreign Pines” – the song has also been recorded.



Vocal works on various albums, september 2016. Recently people have asked for Mettes vocal services, recording on film music as well as a jazz tune. Feel free to contact Mette for these purposes.

Italy days. Mette performed with Enzo Rocchi in Olevano Roman, the summer of 2016

LIVE VIDEO – watch some of Mette´s previous constellations

Host:Matt The Electrian – feat Mette and Johann Wagner… showcase at Strange Brew, Austin, TX

Mette at Caffe Vivaldi – New York City

DUO Mette  with bass player Enzo Rocci – “CRAZY LOVE” , BASS, GUIT. VOCAL, Italy

QUARTET Mette w. Tao Højgaard, Anders Ramhede, Rene Hansen GUIT, ELEC GUIT., DRUMS, BASS,

DUO Mette With Bassplayer Enzo Rocchi – “Mellem Drøm og Morgenlys,” Italy

DUO  Mette with Virgil Segal, Berlin – “TRAIN” GUIT. , HORN, VOCAL 2010

SOLO Mette sings Notting Hill, release party, Trådløse Drømme, 2009

Find others at

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