When Tove Ditlevsen was a girl, she was told that a “girl can’t be a poet.”

She enchanted and frightened me as a child with her sharp pen that had retained the ability to see the world through the eyes of a wounded child.

Tove’s books are still relevant. In light of addictions in the modern United States, her books have gained new market.

“Childhood / Youth / Dependency review – memoirs of art and addiction”

A new translation, ‘only’ 30 years after a translated edition that ran out.

“The ideas of conforming and belonging have a strong influence in Danish society.

Her family was working-class, and she was not able to go to high school, because she had to work. She followed her parents’ desire for her to marry up.“

She married as they told her, but she did become a poet and a writer🙏

The marriage however becomes a trap for an addiction that she describes.

Now I recommend Americans to read her newly translated works.